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Why Should You Buy Your House with Todd Umbenhauer?
            The following is a compilation of an interview with Todd Umbenhauer conducted by Hobbs Herder, the country’s premier real estate public relations and advertising agency, that will answer that question for you!
“Parcel post with a letter inside.”
How a simple statement laid the foundation for one local man’s approach to life and business.
A Father’s Words. A Boy’s Lesson. A Higher Standard.
            For Todd Umbenhauer, his Father was and always will be his biggest role model. And like most young boys, Todd loved to help out his Dad at the office. One of his duties was delivering packages to the post office. Before each trip his father would say, “Be sure to tell them parcel post with a letter inside.” Now, for most people, this statement means very little. But for young Todd, it meant a great deal. You see, a letter inside required an additional fee, and there was no way for the post office to tell the difference except by the word of the mailer. Todd’s Father made sure this detail was not left out because for him, it was more important to do business right than to save a few pennies. That early example of honesty and integrity is a standard that continues to guide Todd’s every action as a Father and a businessman.
A Solid Work Ethic
            Clearly, at a young age Todd learned the importance of doing things the right way. With this philosophy deeply ingrained in him, it’s easy to see why he pursues his goals wholeheartedly. Todd’s achievements as a star athlete in high school are the perfect example. Even as a record-breaking long-distance runner, Todd is the first to admit that there were others who were more gifted at the sport than he. But that didn’t stop him from working hard to be the best. Todd made it a point to be the first one on the track and the last one to leave. But that’s just the way he is. Todd is someone who holds himself up to the highest standards. “I truly believe our successes are much more the result of preparation than native talent,” Todd says.
A Dedicated Father
            As a dedicated Father, Todd is committed to instilling in his children the same life lessons he observed growing up. He knows that being there at everything from ballet performances to sporting events to family dinners at Franconia Heritage or The Towne makes all the difference.
A Distinguished Professional
            From his family to his career, Todd’s standards are high. He expects a lot of himself and never does just enough to get by. Not surprisingly, this approach has distinguished him in his real estate career. For more than three decades, people have turned to Todd and his exceptional service to help them make the most of their important transaction.
            Todd’s attitude toward his work is simple, and somewhat of a family tradition: always act with honesty and integrity. Looking out for his clients’ best interests is at the top of his list of priorities. This means staying apprised of the latest technology, making himself available to address questions and concerns and giving only his best effort every step of the way. For Todd the only way to do business right is to treat your goals as if they were his own.
A Higher Standard
            If you’re in the market to buy or sell a property, make sure your transaction is in the hands of a seasoned real estate professional who puts your needs first and maintains A Higher Standard. Call Todd Umbenhauer today.